The Secret Code Casino Game

Feel like a genius as you play this game. With Secret Code, be sure of a challenge, and not the kind of challenge you are expecting. Be sure of a real challenge that will push you to think your brains out. That was a figure of speech, so do not be scared to play this game in fear of losing your mind. Secret Code is a game that keeps you at the edge of your seat, instilling just enough fear in you to keep you interested, but not so much as to scare you to death. The secret code game was initially commissioned by the popular casumo online casino but later released through more of the casino operators that the developer NetEnt has agreements with. Most of those casinos have great bonuses to try out slot machines, like the Secret Code. If you want to take a look at their different bonuses, you can see it on

The Secret Code Casino Slot

Secret Code is all about solving puzzles and cracking codes. Now, before you cringe and skip this game, you should know that however much the game is about codes and puzzles, it is not only meant for the lone nerds in their basements who are looking to make some money, anyone can play it, even you because it is fun.

The 3D graphics are of the highest quality, and with 20 paylines, three rows, and five reels, the game gives you good chances of winning. You will have expanding wilds, scatter symbols, a bonus feature, and free spins offer – all these helping you reach the maximum payout of 40,000 coins. There was talks about incorporating a progressive jackpot in the secret code slot similar to the one that would release the huge hall of gods jackpots however those plans were never realized.

The game’s theme focuses on ancient mysteries that no one has ever been able to reveal. You will see some references to the Illuminati in the icons, plus a range of secret society rings. There will be an hourglass to help you keep time as you venture into your quest to discover the unknown, but fear not. Many players have dismissed this game for its devilish feel, but it is good once you get past all the scary rumors you have been told about secret societies. There are other symbols like a magnifying glass and a clue book to help you navigate your way through the game, a man holding a lantern, two other characters who are searching for the same secrets you are, and a scared woman holding some treasure.

Overview of the Secret Code Slot Game

The name of the game is very enticing. It can be played across multiple platforms, so you do not have to worry about whether you own a Mac, Linux, Android, or Windows device. The game also features an autoplay options that allows you to take a little rest while still playing. Other features are more or less the same as with other NetEnt games; customizable control panels and the like.

This game will travel you to another world, and apart from unlocking the treasured secrets of this world, you get to come back richer, if you are successful. Secret Code is fun, affordable, greatly designed, and engaging. Slot games these days have become meaningless, they rarely offer a challenge, and when they do, it is a close to impossible task. With Secret Code, you get to make it back just in time to be a winner.

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