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Free spins for all

You are probably here because you love slot machines as much as we do. We also understand that not everybody can spend the same money in the casino. That’s why we want to tell you about a great way to extend your playtime. And that way is called free spins. You don’t even have to deposit in most cases as a lot of casinos offer no deposit free spins just for signing up. Which is great, because they are for everyone, without limitations. Well, maybe only if you have already played at the casino before, you won’t be eligible. But that makes sense, because casinos offer these bonuses to attract new players.

Casinos that offer free spins

Not all casinos offer free spins though. And we have tried to figure out why. The reason we can come up with after some thorough research is that every casino has its own main focus point. This means that some casinos focus more on providing players with a lot of bonuses, while other casinos want to provide the biggest amount of games. Also, casinos that are quite established and have a lot of regular players, often don’t feel the need to offer no deposit bonuses anymore.

Pay attention when choosing a casino

Like everything online, you should be a bit wary before signing up at an online casino. First of all, you should make sure that the casino has a license before you start playing there. A license from Curaçao is all right, but a Maltese license is the best option. The gaming authority of this country is very strict so there’s almost no possibility for the casino to scam its players. It’s different when it comes to casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies. These are not obligated to get a license and can therefore also get away with not being registered anywhere. So you should pay extra careful when playing at one of those casinos. It might be good to read some player reviews on a trustworthy site before you actually make a decision.

Casino bonus requirements

When a casino offers a bonus, any kind of bonus, you are obligated to fulfil some requirements. These are usually wagering requirements that means that you have to wager the bonus and winnings a certain amount of times before it actually becomes yours. Usually the amount of wagering varies from 25 to 55 times, but if we are talking about no deposit free spins, this can go up to 65 times. You also get a limited amount of time to make this happen. This can be 7 days, but most of the times it varies between 30 and 60 days. It is quite hard to wager a bonus and still have some money left, but it’s not impossible. Many people have done it before you, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to either.

Tips for choosing a casino

By now you already know that there are a lot of casinos. But not all of them are worth your time. Not even all the ones that offer no deposit free spins are. Choosing a good casino starts with the free spins. You should see if these are valid on a game that appeals to you or not. If not, you might have another look around, because you are there to have fun. And that should be your main goal. So it’s highly advised to look at the game offer and the regular bonuses and loyalty program of a casino before making any decisions. And, like we said before, opinions of existing players will help a lot as well.

Casumo Online Casino Slots

At Game Kingdom, we want you to have the best online gaming experience available. That means we always share the most fun casumo games on our radar with our readers. But it’s more than that—we also want you to make real money while you’re playing. One of the most popular ways to do this is by playing online casino games.

They’re not guaranteed to make you a millionaire, but you have a pretty great shot with some casino games. All slot games have a minimum amount they’re supposed to pay you back over time (usually a minimum of 95%). That’s a mild risk compared to the real chance of winning above and beyond your bets.

Slots are the perfect blend of profit and fun. Even better, you don’t need a special strategy to win. Just place your bets and spin. You can experience all the best graphics and themed games at platforms like Casumo Online Casino.

About Casumo Online Casino

Casumo Online Casino was founded in 2012 and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Casumo a legit gambling site that’s considered one of the top online casinos. We like Casumo’s platform because it’s clear and transparent.

If you have questions or need information, you won’t have trouble finding what you’re looking for. There’s no scam and no gimmicks to try and steal your money. Their user interface is also pleasant and easy to navigate.

Furthermore, they’re generous. New players receive a welcome bonus at casumo online casino. This includes 30 wager-free spins on Book of the Dead and a 100% deposit match bonus (up to €300) on your first deposit. The deposit bonus must be wagered 30 times, which is easy to do.

They also grant their players points just for playing. Even if you don’t win, you’ll see your progress bar rise for every round you play or spin you make. Each time you fill it up, two things will happen. First, you’ll receive valuable rewards, such as free cash for your bankroll or free spins on slot games. Second, you’ll move further along the adventure map through the galaxy. The further you go, the higher your status at the casino, and the more profitable rewards you’ll receive.

Slot Games at Casumo

What slot games will you find at Casumo Online Casino? The simple answer: anything you could hope for. This casino site is powered by some of the most notable names in the gambling industry. This includes NetEnt and Microgaming, among others. You’ll find the following types of slots:

Classic 3- and 5- reel, Video slots, 3D slots, Progressive jackpot slots

There are plenty of the most popular and profitable titles available. This includes Mega Moolah by Microgaming, which regularly pays out millions of dollars in a single jackpot. It even won an award for paying out the largest online jackpot ever—a staggering total of €18 million.
Here are a few more of these prominent titles: Starburst, Bonanza, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Diamond Mine, Dragon’s Fire, Immortal Romance, and Gonzo’s Quest.

For an added chance of real money, you can participate in the Reel Races Slot Tournament. It’s free to join. You simply play along with everyone else during a set period of time. Whoever collects the most points wins an extra cash prize.

As you can see, Casumo Casino Online is a great way to have fun and make real money. If you’re looking for a top casino that rewards its players, you have to check it out.

The Secret Code Casino Game

Feel like a genius as you play this game. With Secret Code, be sure of a challenge, and not the kind of challenge you are expecting. Be sure of a real challenge that will push you to think your brains out. That was a figure of speech, so do not be scared to play this game in fear of losing your mind. Secret Code is a game that keeps you at the edge of your seat, instilling just enough fear in you to keep you interested, but not so much as to scare you to death. The secret code game was initially commissioned by the popular casumo online casino but later released through more of the casino operators that the developer NetEnt has agreements with. Most of those casinos have great bonuses to try out slot machines, like the Secret Code. If you want to take a look at their different bonuses, you can see it on

The Secret Code Casino Slot

Secret Code is all about solving puzzles and cracking codes. Now, before you cringe and skip this game, you should know that however much the game is about codes and puzzles, it is not only meant for the lone nerds in their basements who are looking to make some money, anyone can play it, even you because it is fun.

The 3D graphics are of the highest quality, and with 20 paylines, three rows, and five reels, the game gives you good chances of winning. You will have expanding wilds, scatter symbols, a bonus feature, and free spins offer – all these helping you reach the maximum payout of 40,000 coins. There was talks about incorporating a progressive jackpot in the secret code slot similar to the one that would release the huge hall of gods jackpots however those plans were never realized.

The game’s theme focuses on ancient mysteries that no one has ever been able to reveal. You will see some references to the Illuminati in the icons, plus a range of secret society rings. There will be an hourglass to help you keep time as you venture into your quest to discover the unknown, but fear not. Many players have dismissed this game for its devilish feel, but it is good once you get past all the scary rumors you have been told about secret societies. There are other symbols like a magnifying glass and a clue book to help you navigate your way through the game, a man holding a lantern, two other characters who are searching for the same secrets you are, and a scared woman holding some treasure.

Overview of the Secret Code Slot Game

The name of the game is very enticing. It can be played across multiple platforms, so you do not have to worry about whether you own a Mac, Linux, Android, or Windows device. The game also features an autoplay options that allows you to take a little rest while still playing. Other features are more or less the same as with other NetEnt games; customizable control panels and the like.

This game will travel you to another world, and apart from unlocking the treasured secrets of this world, you get to come back richer, if you are successful. Secret Code is fun, affordable, greatly designed, and engaging. Slot games these days have become meaningless, they rarely offer a challenge, and when they do, it is a close to impossible task. With Secret Code, you get to make it back just in time to be a winner.

Robin Hood: Shifting Riches Casino Game

Steal from the rich, give to the poor. Travel back in time and help Robin in his quest. This is a valid offer to join the merry men and help improve society, but before you get lost in the quest, take a minute to marvel in the wonder of the vivid colours and the perfect design of the animations. The background music will put you right in the zone, and the sound effects do well to keep you interested.

About The Robin Hood Casino Slot

The game offers you 20 pay lines. It is a non-progressive game that gives you a chance to win great payouts with the assistance of wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, and free spin offers. You can play Robin Hood for real money, as well as for free – it all depends on you.

The shifting reels are what makes the game truly unique. If you make a winning combination on the reels, then the rightmost one disappears and in its place comes a new reel. From that one single spin, you will get higher payouts thanks to this feature. This is not a bonus, but the feature can help you multiply your winnings. The payouts increase with every shift of the reels. You can win up to 5 times the amount of your payout with shifting reels. There is a wild symbol that also multiplies your chances of finishing the game with a great payout. This symbol can substitute for all the other standard game symbols. There are also money bag icons featured in the game. These have to be collected so that players can be allowed to enter the free spins round. The money bag icons are different from the scatter symbols, but they too can be used to trigger the bonuses awarded in the game. Once you collect four of these icons, your free spins round starts. Your round will start with ten free spins, but you will have a chance to get even more free spins as you continue to play, as long as two or more of the free spins symbols appear on the screen.

The top base game payout is 10,000 coins. This payout comes with one round of free spins. The pay table for the game will give you some information on how to collect your payouts and will also provide you with information concerning the game’s bonus feature.

Overview of the Robin Hood Casino Game

The Adventures of Robin Hood is an interesting theme to base a game upon. Get rid of that gambling guilt that piles up from all the losses you have incurred by playing this game where you get to provide for the poor, just like Robin. The bonuses are also very attractive, and you will more than one chance to collect payouts from your real money bets. Like in most Net Ent games, you get to choose your coin denomination, and also get a chance to change the game settings. This game can also be played on mobile devices.

Reel Rush Casino Slot Machine

The world of online casinos may have just found a new favourite slot machine game. But this does not mean that you should say goodbye to the older Net Ent games just yet. Reel Rush serves to further the reputation of the company in providing the best slot games in the market. The game is available in all the top online casinos, including Mr. Green and BGO Casino for your enjoyment. The scenery where the game is set is amazing just to look at, let alone to play in for hours.

All about the Reel Rush Slot Game

This game gives you 3125 possible ways of winning. With its simplicity, the game hands you a win on a silver platter, and it is up to you to grab it.

The symbols here are all in the form of candy. While the lower value symbols take the shape of smaller candy, the higher value symbols take the shape of bigger candy. The colours range from purple to red, to green, and to yellow. The wild symbol is brown in colour.

When playing the Reel Rush, it is like you are playing one big bonus game with a lot of winning chances. Out of all the available symbols, only 13 can be seen on the reels. The remaining symbols are marked with the letter R. as you play, the symbols marked R disappear tow at a time after you make one win. The lesser the R symbols you have on your reels, the higher your chances of winning the next spin. The only catch is that you have to make consecutive wins, each time you do not, the screen goes back to the starting set-up. But as you make consecutive wins, a row of 6 six stars located above the reels will fill up, one after the other, and after all the stars fill up, the reels will be entirely clear of all the R symbols. In this bargain, you will also be awarded eight free spins. They are not much, but they are better than no free spins at all.

Overview of the Reel Rush Casino Game

Reel Rush lacks a lot of enticing features like expanding wild symbols and the like. This should not, however, put you off. The soundtrack emulates that of a retro video game, and with its enchanting feel, the game is for all kinds of players. You may just want to give it a try, but the Reel Rush is that kind of game that will reel you in until you get lost in its charming and lovable nature.

Reel Rush is an original NetEnt slot machine game that offers a unique and addictive experience to its players. It has a different theme and tries to bring something different to the table. Reel Rush is a slot rush game that will get you hooked as a player, and this is not a bad thing. Great games have that one thing that keeps you coming back for more daily.